3 Reasons Why You Must Add Your Practice To Local Directories

Here are the Top 3 reasons why you must claim your Google local listings for your dental practice…

Reason 1: Traditional Local Advertising Is Dead And Expensive!


Your customers are no longer using the Yellow Pages to search for your products and services.

In fact, most people never even open their Telephone Book anymore, they either throw them in a pile or right into the garbage can.

When was the last time that you searched the Yellow Pages in a Phone Book to find something?

Chances are you either Googled it on your computer or your Smart Phone.

So why would you continue to Advertise your practice using the Yellow Pages, TV, Direct Mail, Print Ads, and so on, when your potential patients aren’t using those to find what it is that you are selling?

We know that Advertising can get expensive, especially when you aren’t getting a good Return On your Investment (ROI), which means you are just flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet.

Did you know that hundreds of your potential patients are looking on local Online directories for dental practices nearby?

Please don’t leave any of this money on the table for your competitors to grab.

Reason 2: Potential Patients Are Searching For Your Products/Services With Mobile Devices!


Here are some shocking statistics:


1)) 82% of local searches result in Offline action, meaning that your patients searches for your products and services with their Mobile Devices and then go out to your place of practice to invest into them.

2)) An Estimated 50% of Local Small Business owners don’t have a web presence. This means that when your potential patients searches for your products and services using their mobile device, they will not even know that you exist, but your competitors that have a web presence will get the business.

3)) There are approximately 2.6 billion Local Searches per month.

4)) 91% of all Internet users use a search engine to find information.


Those are just a very few of the statics that will affect your practice’s success.

Can you see why you must claim your Google Local Listing?

If you don’t you will lose a lot of patients.


Reason 3: Your Smart Competitors That Embrace Local Mobile Marketing Can Put You Out Of Business!


I’m not trying to use scare tactics here, but if you don’t embrace the changes that are taking place with how your potential patients are searching for your products and services…

And your competitors that do, will win!

Your competitors will beat you because they are going where potential patients are and if you continue to use the old Traditional Advertising methods, you will not be able to compete.

I could go on and on with why you must claim your Google Places Page and Local Listings, but here’s the point: You really can’t afford to ignore this major trend where Mobile Devices are used to search Locally for your products and services…

Because it’s a golden opportunity if you embrace it, but can be very devastating to the future of your practice if you resist it.

I hope my article has given you a perspective on what actions you should take immediately…

If so, I’ve done my job!


Check The Online Health Of Your Dental Practice:



If you’d like to stop losing potential patients to your competition because of something as simple as not claiming your local business listings, then call us to learn more about our Citation Building and Optimization Services. Call (888) 533-5558 and request a Free consultation today.

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