Attention Dentists! Are Your Previous Patients Causing You To Lose Thousands Of Dollars?

Hello Doctor, I’m not sure if you’re aware of the major shift that has taken place in the last 12 plus months on the Internet…

That major shift has to do with Online Reviews and how important they’ve become.

Google has put Reviews that your previous patients have posted Online front and center for the entire world to see, especially potential patients that search for your dental services.

If any of your previous patients have written any bad Reviews about you and/or your dental practice, those Reviews can cause you to lose a ton of money…

Because once your potential patients read those Negative Reviews, they will most likely choose your competitor’s practice that has several Positive Reviews.

You have to ask yourself, “would I purchase a product or service from a company that has negative Online reviews?”

Most likely not!

Well, that’s exactly what your potential patients will think if they read negative reviews about your practice made by previous patients Online.

If you’ve noticed, the Internet is moving towards a Review-based environment where consumers have the power to post their opinions about companies they do business with, including dental practices.

That’s good and bad…

It’s a good thing if your patients are happy with your service and extremely bad if they’re not.

Your Online Reputation is nothing to play with, because your dental practice’s reputation is everything, because a great one conveys trust…

Your potential patients will not give you the time of the day, if they see that your practice has a Bad Online Reputation.

I don’t mean to drive that point home, but I’m here to tell you the truth about what’s going on in Online Marketing.

It’s no longer about Reputation Management…

Now it’s about Reputation Marketing, which is nothing more than building a 5-Start Reputation Online and Marketing it for all your potential patients to see!

Keep in mind that Reputation Management doesn’t make your practice money, but Reputation Marketing does

Because “Reputation Marketing is positioning your dental practice as the Market Leader in front of thousands of potential patients with a 5-Star Reputation, period!”

I’ve been looking at the Reviews that patients have been posting Online about dentists across the country and they are horrifying, and the sad thing is that most of these dentists aren’t even aware that these extremely bad reviews have been posted about them.

Here are some quick stats that you may be interested in…

  • According to a survey performed by Nielsen Global in 2011: 70% Trust Opinions Posted Online
  • Consumers look up an average of 10 Reviews on a company before making a decision
  • 70% of consumers Trust a business with a minimum of 6-10 Reviews


If you want to see if you have Bad Reviews posted about your dental practice, simply enter your practice’s Name and Phone number and click the “Get My Report” button below:


Check The Online Health Of Your Dental Practice:


What Were The Results Of The Reputation Report?

Regardless of what your Listing Score is, The Dentist Marketer is one of the few marketing agencies that have access to sophisticated proprietary Reputation Marketing technology that can help dental practices like yours to Monitor, Manage, and Build a 5 Star Online Reputation.

This is technology that 99% of your competitors don’t know exist that would be a complete Game Changer for your practice.

The other good news is that you are one of the first practices to even know about the devastating Review Trend that’s killing the marketing efforts of thousands Online.

Once again, ask yourself, “Would I buy a product or service that has Bad Ratings and Reviews?”

Keep in mind that you are one Review away from a Bad Reputation Online and your Dental Practice’s reputation is everything.

By the way, if you’re interested in learning more about how we can create professional 60-second review commercials, and build you a 5-Star Reputation that can get potential patients coming to you, the call us at (888) 533-5558

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