How Every Dentist Can Succeed At Referral Marketing – FAST!

Referral marketing is the art and science of systematically converting prospects into loyal and satisfied dental patients that happily tell others about how great your services are.

Referral Marketing is by far one of the most cost effective and powerful ways to drive a ton of new dental patients to your practice.

Referred prospects that show up at your practice are already convinced and have pretty much made the decision that you are the chosen one for them…

Because they have already heard good things about you as a Dentist, your practice, your friendly staff, and how inviting the environment is.

They are already sold, and the only way that they will chose not to become one of your patients is if you or one of your staff members mistreats them during their visit to your office or over the phone.

Other than that, there’s a high probability that you will be perfecting their smile with your great skills.

According to marketing legend, “Jay Abraham, a referral-based client purchases more often, shows less resistance, buys more, and usually refers more potential prospects to your business.”

When Should You Use Referral Marketing To Grow Your Practice?

Every Dental Practice should incorporate a systematic referral marketing strategy, because it’s one of the absolute best ways to grow your enterprise and leverage word-of-mouth advertising.

Once you implement it and get it going, it becomes a self-perpetual relationship building, list building, profit boosting machine.

Those are just some of the benefits you’d enjoy with a successful referral system.

And once again, you’ll be spending less money on advertising and marketing while simultaneously increasing your profits and growing your business.

How incredible is that?

Most of us know intellectually that referral-based marketing is the most least expensive way to grow a business, but it’s amazing that most Dental Practices don’t implement it into their marketing mix.

That really blows my mind!

Why would a practice purposely go out and blow their marketing budget on traditional paid advertising (e.g. Yellow Pages), which usually ends up being ineffective most of the time, when they could implement the more effective, less expensive strategy of a referral-based system?

I don’t know the answer to that one…

While Referral Marketing appears to be very straight-forward, it’s not because you can’t leave it to chance that your happy dental patients will automatically tell everyone they know about how great of a dentist you are unless the topic comes up in their conversations.

You have to be more proactive and systematize your Referral Marketing efforts by engineering them.

There’s a right and wrong time to ask your patients for referrals, and you have to know the time to do so.

Otherwise, you may come off appearing to be too pushy in the eyes of your patients…

This could damage your relationships with them.

I’m not trying to scare you here, but Referral Marketing strategies need to be engineered correctly in order to get your satisfied patients to become promoters of your practice.

I hope that I’ve got you thinking about all of the possibilities of implementing Referral Marketing into your Dental Practice’s marketing plan!


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