How Your Receptionist Can Get More Patients?

I know that as a dentist you respect the good work that your receptionist does for your practice on a daily basis, but have you really thought about how much more valuable that staff member could be?

If not, I’ll give a simple but yet powerful tip on how your receptionist could bring more patients into your practice.

First of all, let me lay a quick foundation…

When prospective patients call your practice, who’s the first person that they speak with?

Your receptionist, of course.

This is your prospective client’s first human interaction with your practice and brand and we know how important first impressions are, right?

Whatever impression your prospect experiences on that first call into your practice will most likely dictate if they will select you as their dentist.

I know all of this maybe common sense, but client service is one of the things that most people complain about and they will post negative things about a dental practice on sites such as, which could really hurt your reputation.

Believe it or not, most of your potential patients will check you out Online before calling and if they see negative reviews about things such as poor client services, they will most likely choose another dentist.

So, with that said, you may be asking…

How does that equate to your receptionist getting more patients into your dental practice?

First of all, if your receptionist answers the phone in a warm and friendly tone, that alone will set your practice apart, because your prospect will feel welcomed.

Second of all, once they feel comfortable after hearing the pleasant voice of your receptionist, they will begin to lower their guard and depending upon how the rest of the conversation with your receptionist goes, the prospect will begin to feel like they’ve made the call to the right dental practice and will most likely become one of your patients.

You may be saying to yourself…

Tell me something that I don’t know, but trust me; these are the things that most people complain about.

I’ve worked in client services jobs and the companies that didn’t have superior products and services, but had great client support, those clients always made statements such as, “the equipment or product isn’t that great, but I love the support.”

Now just imagine how powerful it would be for you to have a receptionist with great client support skills on top of your master skills as a dentist.

Your clients and prospects want to be treated with respect and kindness, so if your receptionist is all those things, you’ll be well on your way to getting more patients.

Don’t under estimate these simple common-sense details, because they are the missing ingredients from a lot of dental practices that patients want and can make all the difference.

I know that it’s a challenge to run your practice in doing all the day-to-day tasks, and these simple concepts can get lost in the shuffle, but if you focused on them you’re increase your patient load.

I say, forgot about all the complicated things and make sure you have the fundamentals in order and then build upon that.

Hope this helps!


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