Market Reach Secrets That Successful Dental Practices Use

If you haven’t read my other article 4 Proven Marketing Strategies For Dentists That Will Attract More Patients!, where I briefly defined Reach as

simply the number of new potential dental prospects that are seeing your marketing message on a daily basis.

I’m not into complicating things…

In other words, all Reach means is that you need more potential patients to know about your dental practice today than yesterday, period!

As a dentist, you probably already know that marketing your practice is how you let your prospective patients know that you exist and ready to make their smiles perfect!

The question is…

What are you doing to market your dental practice on a daily basis to ensure that more prospective patients are made aware that you exist and ready to serve them?

If you are marketing your practice, are you satisfied with the results that you are getting?

When it comes to marketing, you and I know that there are thousands of strategies and tactics that you can implement into spreading the word about your practice, but let’s be realistic no one can use them all and some are more effective than others.

Fortunately for you below is a short list of some of the most powerful marketing weapons that you can use to explode the awareness of your practice, which will give you the Ultimate Reach…

  • Local Listing Optimization (i.e. Google + Local Page)
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising)
  • Direct mail
  • Mobile sites
  • Social Media Management
  • Video marketing

You don’t need to do a thousand different things to increase your reach, because those above are extremely powerful, proven, and time tested.

And they work extremely well for local dentists.

Keep in mind, that you don’t have to implement all of methods that I’ve listed to get great results, but just imagine how many prospective patients that will be calling your practice to schedule appointments.

I like to be modest and not over-inflate the possibilities and potential of implementing these methods…

But just imagine bringing in 5, 10, or more new patients into your practice every month…

What would that be worth to your bottom line profits?

On the flipside, how much would you be losing if you were losing those prospects to your competition that is applying those powerful marketing methods?

So the bottom-line is that you must be marketing your dental practice in all the areas where your prospects are looking for your types of services.

Two of the most important places in which you must put forth your marketing efforts are the Google + Local page and Video Marketing especially on YouTube.

The Google+ Local page is offered for free by Google, is Mobile Device ready, and appears in the search engine results when your prospects search for your services.

Creating Dentist Videos and uploading them to YouTube is great for exposure, because this will allow your prospects to be able to connect with you by seeing you speak and showing them how clean and friendly your dental practice is.

The video, if created correctly will build instant rapport with your prospects and build trust.

I could go on and on about the power of video but I’m certain that you get the picture.

In my opinion, I think that over time you should include all the marketing methods that I listed and then some in order to grow your practice to the level that you want it.

Well, I hope that I’ve given you enough information on why it’s important for you to have marketing systems in place that will increase your reach on a daily basis, because if you don’t, your competition will.

And we know that the natural cycle of life is that things are either growing or dying…

So, either your Reach marketing efforts are growing or dying.

Check The Online Health Of Your Dental Practice:


If you’d like to learn more about how we can take care of your increasing your Reach using proven marketing strategies for your dental practice and stop losing potential patients to your competition because they are aware of their Local Online strengths and Weaknesses, then call us to learn more about how we can resolve the marketing challenges that you may have. Call (888) 533-5558 and request a Free consultation today.

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