Reputation Marketing Vs Reputation Management

If you’re like a lot of other local dentists whom want to get more patients calling into their practices based upon a great Online Reputation, then you’ve probably thought about hiring a marketing firm to help you.

Reputation Marketing and Reputation Management may sound like the same thing, but in reality they are very much different and serve different purposes.

Over the past year or so, we’ve discovered that one of these services actually holds a surprising advantage over the other. Read on to find out which one…

Overview of Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management simply means to push websites that have negative comments about either you and/or your practice to the second page of the Search Engine Results so that there’s less of a chance that your prospective patients will not see them, because most people will not look past the first page.

Online Reputation Management is also called Reverse SEO, because instead of having those pages that contains those negative reviews about your practice rank high in the Search Engine Results, you want just the opposite to occur and have them rank lower.

It takes a lot of work to bury sites that appear at the top of the search results, and is usually more expensive than regular SEO.

Having sites that appear at the top of the search engine results that have posted negative comments about you and your practice can cost you thousands of dollars, because the moment a prospective patient reads them, they will automatically not trust you, even if what’s written is not true.

This is why Reputation Management is used to bury those sites with negative comments, as they can cost your practice a fortune in lost profits.

Overview of Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing is nothing more than building you a 5-Star Reputation Online by collecting real reviews from your patients and Marketing them all over the Internet for your potential patients to see!

Your Positive Reviews will appear on your Google+ Page, Facebook Pages, Websites, Blogs, Flickr, Photobucket, Pinterest, and so on.

All those Positive Reviews will position you as the Premiere Market Leader in the eyes of your potential and existing patients.

Every Positive Review is a vote of confidence for your practice and it demonstrates to potential patient that maybe looking to use your products and services of the type of experience they are most likely to have if they choose you.

Those Positive Reviews are in a nutshell an amazing Online Referral system in disguise, because it’s electronic word of mouth marketing almost on auto-pilot!

Reputation Marketing VS Reputation Management: Which One Wins?

 Now that you understand the difference between Reputation Marketing and Reputation Management it should be pretty obvious as to the one that will make you money by getting more patients into your business…

Reputation Marketing, of course!

Despite the great benefits of using Reputation Management to bury sites that contain negative reviews about your practice, however, there is one major problem with it.

It does nothing for the Negative Reviews that your patients post on your Google+ Page that shows up underneath your Google Maps Listing.

Reputation Management can’t be used to post your Positive patient Reviews to your different websites.

Reputation Management can be very expensive.

Reputation Marketing is hands down the winner in it’s potential to get prospective patients calling into your practice, because it takes care of Building you a 5-Star Reputation and Marketing it on your website properties including your Google+ Page.

Reputation Marketing takes advantage of one of the most monumental Internet shifts, which is the combining of SEO, Social Media, and Online Reputation.

Reputation Management is all but obsolete, and besides it doesn’t make you money…

Reputation Marketing does!

For 2016 and beyond, your best strategy is to deploy an all-out Reputation Marketing Strategy in order to take advantage of this major Trend in order to capitalize on it before your smart competitors figure this out.

Just by reading this article puts you leaps and bounds ahead of most of the dental practices that you are competing with, because you have been informed and all you have to do is take action.


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By the way, if you’re interested in learning more about how we can rank your existing videos, create professional 60-second review commercials, and build you a 5-Star Reputation that can get potential patients coming to you, the call us at (888) 533-5558

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