Video Marketing: Why It Doesn’t Work For Most Dentists

There’s no secret that people watch tons of Online videos, especially those that are on YouTube.

Keep in mind that there are several other video sites besides YouTube, but we all know that it’s the most popular.

Believe it or not, your potential patients watch videos to try and get a feel for what your dental practice is all about…

As they watch the videos, they are trying to determine whether or not your practice is reputable, trust-worthy, fair, will your products and services deliver on promise, and the list goes on.

Let’s face it, most people are skeptical, even if they’ve gotten a recommendation from a friend.

You have fear, human nature, and all the horror stories of bad products and services to thank for this.

As a dentist, don’t let all those potential obstacles stop you from creating videos to market your practice…

You just have to make sure you put it together the correct way, so that you can overcome those obstacles.

We’ve watched tons of small business videos, and not to be disrespectful…

Most of them are horrible!

If you want to overcome those natural objectives that take place in your potential patients’ minds, you must apply the following 5 tips to your videos:

  1. Show the front of your practice, especially if it has great curb appeal
  2. Film a patient walking into your practice being greeted by a friendly receptionist and other staff members
  3. Show your friendly staff interacting with your patients in a friendly manner
  4. Show your practice space and different rooms being neat and orderly
  5. Then show you talking about your services and the biggest benefits to your patients and how you focus on their wants throughout the process

Please don’t mention that you are the best or anything that sounds like you are bragging, because no one likes people whom brag.

Once again, human nature dictates that most people are only interested in themselves and what’s in it for them.

Harsh as that may sound, it’s true.

If you apply those five simple guidelines to the creation of your videos, you’ll be miles ahead of the dental practices you are competing against.


Because while your competitors are bragging about how great their practices are instead of focusing on the wants of their prospective patients, you’ll be doing just the opposite by informing them that you have solutions to their problems.

Why You Must Create Videos And Upload Them To YouTube

Here are some stats that will convince you of why you must get some videos created and uploaded to YouTube:

  • Reported on March 5th 2009 – “Comscore today revealed that the popular social network YouTube has reached 100 million viewers. In total, Internet viewers have viewed 14.8 billion Online videos in January 2009 alone.”
  •  Google continuous to surpass others in terms of Online video with 43% market share, of that, YouTube accounts for 99% of videos viewed.
  •  In January 2009, 147 million U.S. Internet users watched an average of 101 videos per person.
  •  YouTube led the growth charge, accounting for 91 percent of the incremental gain in the number of videos viewed versus December, as it surpassed 100 million viewers for the first time.

Those stats are older, can you imagine what they are now as more and more of your potential patients turn to YouTube to watch videos before deciding whether to contact a business that offers what they’re searching for…

Those numbers are probably staggering at this point!

This should be exciting news for you.

Well dentist, if you’ve never considered video marketing, now is the time!


Check The Online Health Of Your Dental Practice:


By the way, if you’re interested in learning more about how we can rank your existing videos, create professional 60-second review commercials, and build you a 5-Star Reputation that can get patients coming to you, call us at (888) 533-5558

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