The Number One Reason Why Traditional Dental Practice Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore!

By now you’ve probably been bombarded with local marketers pitching their services to you…

You know that you must embrace the way that you get new dental patients and you’ve heard about all the changes in how your potential patients search for your services mainly using their mobile devices.

You’ve probably have heard that most of the Traditional Advertising Methods are dead or dying.

Advertising Methods such as the Yellow Pages, News Papers, TV, Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Print Ads, Phone Directories and so on.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but for must dentists, those methods are becoming less effective.

The problem is that you don’t know who to trust and how much of what local marketers are telling you is true.

Well, forgot all the slick talk about how things are changing, here are some real-time graphs that will illustrate exactly what marketing methods are on the decline and which ones are gaining popularity.

By the way, this data is coming straight from big daddy Google, the largest search engine on the planet!

Here’s a quick example…

I compared News Paper advertising to Mobile Marketing, and as you can see Mobile Marketing is trending up and News Paper Advertising is trending down.


Check The Online Health Of Your Dental Practice:

If you’d like to stop losing potential patients to your competition because they are aware of their Local Online strengths and Weaknesses, then call us to learn more about how we can resolve the marketing challenges that you may have. Call (888) 533-5558 and request a Free consultation today.

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Check The Online Health Of Your Dental Practice:

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